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Gearbox Mounting

This is normally the simplest method of installing a Metron transducer. However, it is important to ensure that the gearbox drive parts are in good condition and that the oil seals are not leaking. While Metron transducers are not affected by clean oil, they will cease to function if heavily contaminated gearbox oil is allowed to enter.

  • Select the correct Metron transducer from the application list or by comparison of the gearbox fitting and speedometer cable end.
  • Remove drive cable from gearbox.
  • Clean gearbox fitting ensuring that any threads are clear and undamaged.
  • Install the correct Metron transducer, ensuring that the drive pin is aligned and that the nut holds the transducer securely.
  • Refit the drive cable onto the transducer.
  • On some installations it may be necessary to alter the route of the drive cable to avoid producing a tight bend.
  • Any flicker or jerky movement of the speedometer needle when the vehicle is driven indicates a faulty installation and should be investigated immediately.

When using a Metron transducer that has drive cable attached, please refer to the relevant section in our application notes.