Canbus Interface BCI-2FMS

Canbus Interface BCI-2FMS
  • FMS CAN Highspeed

  • Speed
  • RPM

The BCI-2FMS is a truly universal CAN interface. Suitable for all makes of truck incorporating an FMS connection. Once connected to a constant power supply, a ground and two CAN wires, the BCI will configure itself. The BCI needs no more than 20 seconds to recognise the type of truck, after which it will control the relevant outputs.

Application list:
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During the development of the BCI the product quality was of paramount importance. The product quality of the BCI is at the same high level as, for example, the BCI CAN interface – the predecessor to the BCI that was successfully deployed worldwide for over 10 years. This means that the BCI also complies with the strict approval requirements at European level.

Product support:
Installers using our interfaces receive help immediately if they encounter problems during installation. This always has been and will continue to be our approach. It is our firm belief that we can only maintain good customer relationships if our products fulfill their purpose: providing a stable, reliable connection between the car and the equipment.