TachoTimer 2

Time is money! TachoTimer 2 will use maximum of your time and will help you even 45 minutes of additional time a day. Use multiple times 29 seconds for traffic jams, short moves of your vehicle. TachoTimer 2 will make your driving effectively longer and it won’t turn off your REST MODE if reposition of your car is necessary.

The biggest advantages of the TachoTimer 2 device
  • Device is completely legal – Reg. ( UE) nr 1266/2009
  • Longer time of driving up to 45 min a day
  • Easy service, simple mounting
  • Audio sound that warns passing time
  • Focus your attention on safe ride without using a timewatch
  • Possibility of using 29 sec. for short moves anytime you need (green light)

How does it work – Legal Regulations
From 1st October 2011 a new law concerning recording of driver’s activity using a digital tachograph came into force. New way of recording time will help you save valuable minutes for traffic jams, short moves f.eg. at customs clearance, waiting in a queue at the board.

One minute rule will help you to save even 45 minutes of additional time a day. Thanks to TachoTimer 2 you can use a dominant activity rule for short moves or traffic jams without using a stop-watch. Audio signal will inform you when the time is running out.