Haug Thermal Paper

Haug Thermal paper Economy
Thermal paper ECONOMY for all approved digital tachographs

Art.-No. 030 100
EC approval No. for thermal paper e1 210
EC approval No. for digital tachographs e1 84 Continental VDO DTCO 1381
  e1 200 EFKON EFAS 3
  e1 222 Intellic EFAS 4
  e2 25 Actia SmarTach STD
  e2 29 Actia SmarTach ADR
  e2 30 Actia SmarTach STD II
  e5 0002 Stoneridge SE 5000
Economy thermal paper rolls are our new quality. Complying with the revised EC regulation 1266/2009 it is a cost-saving alternative. Economy rolls show an excellent and quick response for full black print-outs (dynamic sensitivity).

  • EC approved for all digital tachographs
  • Resistant against: Heat (70°C), humidity, fat, oil and light
  • Low energy supply for printout
  • 10 years readable under standard storing conditions

Thermal Paper PREMIUM for all approved digital tachographs

Haug Thermal paper Economy
Art.-No. 030 000
EC approval No. for thermal paper e1 186
EC approval No. for digital tachographs e1 200 EFKON EFAS 3
  e1 222 Intellic EFAS 4
  e1 84 VDO DTCO 1381
  e2 25 Actia SmarTach STD
  e2 29 Actia SmarTach ADR
  e2 30 Actia SmarTach STD II
  e5 0002 Stoneridge SE 5000
Important information on the new HAUG quality paper for digital tachographs.
HAUG Thermal Paper in a handy box of 3 rolls;
  • HAUG rolls are universally applicable; i.e. HAUG thermal paper is EC homologated for all approved digital tachographs.
  • HAUG rolls are core-less and are not folded or glued at the end.
  • This protects the printer unit from damage and avoids paper jams.
  • HAUG rolls have a paper end warning and are 8 m long.
  • HAUG rolls are individually shrink-wrapped.
  • HAUG genuine boxes feature an adhesive seal and a stamped production date.
  • HAUG products are manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

A small roll plays a major role Paper becomes a document.
The use of digital tachographs is now EC regulated by law for all newly registered utility vehicles > 3,5 tons.
For application in digital tachographs thermal paper rolls are needed. The rolls are inserted into the magazine of the printer unit.

The new paper is a thermal paper

It is temperature sensitive and turns black where it is exposed to the heat of a special print head. Thus, all information is recorded permanently legible. Today thermal paper is used everywhere – e.g. cinema tickets, lottery, parking or cash receipts.

Thermal paper –especially developed for digital tachographs fitted to utility vehicles.

For reliable application in trucks and buses and for long-term documentation, thermal paper has to fulfill special standards.

Printouts are necessary:
  • during official controls
  • for calibration of tachographs
  • in case of loss or damage to the driver card
  • in case of vehicle change – digital to analogue tachographs
  • for storage purposes with the forwarding company
  • for personal records, e.g. for evaluation of working hours

Therefore, printouts have to remain perfectly legible – also for longer periods of time and under difficult requirements.

Thermal paper rolls as well as printouts are exposed to various conditions to which standard papers do not resist. Therefore we have developed a new quality paper for digital tachographs. HAUG quality thermal paper is resistant against extreme temperatures, which may rise up to 90° C in the glove box or dashboard. Printouts on HAUG quality paper remain perfectly legible – even when exposed to everyday substances such as hand cream, cockpit sprays, diesel fuel, motor oil, water and sweat.

Standard papers may easily produce forged or illegible printouts. This could cause a considerable loss of time in case of official controls. Due to the smooth surface of HAUG quality paper, the digital tachograph’s pressure strip lifetime is extended considerably. Thus time and cost intensive maintenance will be avoided. The use of standard paper is a big risk for you, as time is money! Therefore we recommend exclusively applying the especially developed quality paper by HAUG!

Your printouts are protected against forging or illegibility by a special topcoat. The pictures demonstrate the major differences between HAUG quality paper and standard paper.