Digital Tachograph Remote download with Track & Trace

EcoRDU: Terminal equipment for navigation and remote download from digital tachographs

EcoRDU devices are terminal equipment that captures and provides real-time information about vehicle and driver activities through GSM/GPRS network using GPS positioning. It also provides realtime vehicle location and tracking all over the world. Our web-based software application processes, analyzes and filters the collected data into a complete overview with events and warnings.

Get both live and historical views of each driver working hours – including hard-to-calculate data like Drivers Rest Periods, Extended Driving Days. With this feature, get live the remaining driving hours – data only previously available historically. See if weekly rest compensation is due, how many extended driving days are available; how long the upcoming daily rest period is and the start date, time and duration of the upcoming weekly rest period. EcoRDU downloads the driver’s card on insertion into the tachograph and then calculates the drivers remaining hours before the driver is required to take a break or finish for the day offering this way the most accurate, live and up-to-date view of each driver remaining hours.


Remote digital tachograph download

Eliminate wait times for data and administration costs of manual downloads with remote download. You can configure the system to download the tachographs and or the driver card at set intervals. Supports both Generation 1 and Generation 2 tachographs of all producers. Downloads can also be made through a card reader in the office.

Routing for trucks Calculate directions that take into account truck restrictions,
Calculate duration that takes into account driving time limitations,
Calculate costs that take into account road taxes as well.


  • GPS localization
  • Digital tachograph download
  • FMS & CAN support
  • GPRS and Wireless communication
  • Driver Identification
  • Communication
  • SIM card pre-installed

  • Web based
  • Real time tracking
  • Analyzes collected tachograph data
  • Reports
  • Geofencing
  • Fleet management
  • Events and notifications

This product needs support, connectivity and extensibility, therefore we are completing our product with a set-up and installation service. Our network of experienced partners will install, configure and service the tracking devices on your vehicles.

Top features
1. Web-based: easy access from any computer and/or tablet, any time through a web-browser.
2. Real-time tracking: know the current position and status of any of your vehicles.
3. Remote Tachograph Downloads: mandatory downloads form digital tachograps are done automatically.
4. Reports: predefined events.
5. Custom events: the system will provide you relevant notifications for you.
6. Fleet management: you can receive notifications regarding specific readings of your vehicles and drivers.