Speedo instead of EGK100 tachograph

Art.-No. Description PQ
MKP 330001 Speedo instead of EGK100 tachograph in combination with MTCO / DTCO / 2400 or 5000 series 1
Speedometer / Tachometer and set of indicators in place of EGK-100 tachograph (100% compatible with EGK-100 tachograph)

The EGK-100 SPEEDOMETER should be mounted in place of the EGK-100 tachograph. This instrument is an indicator of vehicle speed and engine rotational speed, whereas it is not a tachograph, and it requires connection with a drawer tachograph with CAN interface, mounted in another place.

A, C, D and E plugs of vehicle installation (the same that were connected to the EGK-100 tachograph) should be connected to the speedometer. The B plug (connection of a movement sensor, suitable for the new mounted tachograph) should be directly connected to the drawer tachograph. Since this conductor probably will be too short and is ending with a different plug, it should be replaced with a longer one, ending with an AMP 927366 plug, or extended.

In the case of using a digital tachograph or 1324 type tachograph, the original B plug of the vehicle installation should be connected to the speedometer, and the tachograph should be connected with the set with B<->B conductor. It eliminates the necessity of extending or replacing the conductor of the movement sensor.

Additionally, the drawer tachograph should be connected with the set of indicators with A<->A conductor. This conductor supplies power to the drawer tachograph from the SPEEDOMETER EGK 100 (with the set of indicators) and provides data from the tachograph to SPEEDOMETER EGK 100 by CAN communication.

The EGK-100 SPEEDOMETER is equipped with all indicator lights (LEDs in place of previously used light bulbs) and produces acoustic, informational and warning signals, previously realized by the EGK-100 tachograph.

In place of a mechanical counter of general and daily kilometers and a clock, an electronic alphanumeric indicator for 2X12 digits is applied. On this indicator, the general and daily kilometers with the possibility of deleting it, as well as time, are displayed, which are moved from the tachograph.

Partnumber MKP330001 | Speedometer / Tachometer