Exchange Tachographs

Exchange box
Exchange EGK 100 out off program! Use EGK 100 speedo with1324/1381 or 2400/Se5000 !

Exchange tachograph (old ones must be sent back to MKP-Parts, a deposit will be charged).

Type Guarantee period*
VDO Kienzle 1311 1 year
VDO Kienzle 1314 1 year
VDO Kienzle 1318 1 year
VDO Kienzle 1319 1 year
VDO Kienzle 1324 1 year
MotoMeter EGK 100 1 year

Conditions corncerning deposits
  • Tachographs must be complete.
  • Tachographs must have the same front plate in according to partnumber of MKP Parts, and be in good condition.
  • Tachographs can not have fire or water damage.
  • Tachographs must be returned within 4 weeks after sending of exchange tachographs.
  • The 1318 tachographs must be of the type with microprocessor (QP).
  • The 1324 tachographs must be of the latest model without battery compartment at the back.
  • Tachographs must be sent back together with order- or invoice number on which they where delivered.

* Excluded of guarantee are failures arise by unlawful operations and the repair seals must be undamaged. In case of sending a tachograph back for warranty claim, we expect a description of the fault(s) enclosed.

Analogue tachographs