Digital Tachographs

DTCO Digital Tachograph

Digital Tachographs normally in stock:

Art.-No. Description
MKP1381-0014003004 DTCO 2.2 12V 2CAN MB Sprinter
MKP1381-0074103002 DTCO 2.2 12V CAN Mitsubishi Canter
MKP1381-0115103004 DTCO 2.2 12V 2CAN Iveco Daily MY 2012
MKP1381-0125003003 DTCO 2.2 12V 2CAN VW Crafter
MKP1381-0125003004 DTCO 2.2 12V CAN(R=2×1,3KOhm) VW T5
MKP1381-0214203001 DTCO 2.2 12V 2CAN120 D1D2
MKP1381-0214203002 DTCO 2.2 12V 2CAN Universal
MKP1381-0254303003 DTCO 2.2 12V CAN125kBd Ford
MKP1381-1074103002 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN120 D1D2 v/n EvoBus
MKP1381-1214003001 DTCO 2.2 Test 24V 2CAN 120
MKP1381-2014003002 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN Mercedes
MKP1381-2052303004 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN Renault
MKP1381-2055003002 DTCO 2.2 MAN
MKP1381-2055303001 DTCO 2.2 24V DAF
MKP1381-2074003001 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN MB Actros Axor Atego
MKP1381-2210003001 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN Volvo FM/FH
MKP1381-2214303001 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN Universal ADR Z2
MKP1381-2214303002 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN Universal ADR Z2
MKP1381-4075402002 DTCO 2.2 24V SCA
MKP1381-4216101001 DTCO 2.2 24V 2CAN Iveco Stralis MY 2013
SE 5002 Duo Stoneridge digital tachograph 12+24V non ADR Universal
SE 5011 Duo Stoneridge digital tachograph 24V ADR Universal
MKP VR9800006 Stoneridge SE5002 M1/N1 kit with digital tachograph 12V and motion sensor
MKP A2C59517031 M1/N1 kit with VDO DTCO 2.1A + Geolock
Actia SmarTach Actia SmarTach
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