Intellic EFAS 4TE digital tachograph powered by BOSCH

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Powered by Bosch

Highlights Intellic EFAS 4TE powered by BOSCH:

By deploying excellent software operating system architecture, our Digital Tachograph EFAS 4TE fits all vehicle types. This eliminates the need for multiple hardware versions for different vehicle types.
– Multiple vehicle software architecture
– Wide-range power supply 12/24V
– Individual parameter update in line-fitting procedure

Easy menu navigation simplifies and speeds up the installation work-flow. Workshop professionals and drivers enjoy a familiar environment.

The easy-to-use software EFAS Service Tool for workshop professionals enables the setting of vehicle parameters in the blink of an eye. Configuration of EFAS Tachographs, software updates, diagnostics and test routines are all supported multi-lingually.

The Setup Wizard simplifies installation and parametrization by automatic setup of basic parameters like CAN bus data transfer rate. The Setup Wizard minimizes workload and accelerates the installation process.

The next generation Digital Tachograph manufactured by BOSCH

High quality manufacturing by BOSCH automotive TS16949-certified electronics manufacturing facility. Best in class quality and technology leadership comes with many advantages for our customers.

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