Trailer Parking Assistant

MKP Parts offers a very easy to install and stand alone marker light and trailer parking assistant in one. LED technology marker lights will start blinking when approaching objects while driving backwards.

Trailer parking assistant will reduce trailer damages and operating cost!
  • Improved safety for people and objects behind the vehicle
  • Stand alone and easy installing with power supply from reverse lamp and marker lights. Installation time approximately 1 – 1,5 hours
  • High visibility and long service time due to LED technology
Product Information
The Trailer parking assistant is the new standard in driver support for driving backwards. No complex wiring needed for connecting the trailer and truck, no expensive wireless system, just an easy installation by connecting the device to the power supply of the reverse & markers lamps of the trailer. Clear LED lights are visible in all circumstances in the mirrors of the truck. There is no connection to Canbus system of the vehicle, so no influence on the board computer Suitable for 12 an 24 Volts vehicles.


A Amber light blinking Slowly First detection 100 – 295 cm
B Amber light Blinking fast Second detection 045 – 100 cm
C Amber light Constant Last detection 00 – 045 cm
T Detection reach 295 cm
Box includes:
  • 4 ultrasonic sensors
  • 2 extension wires for marker lights
  • 2 high quality rubber LED marker lights
  • 1 base unit
  • 4 extension wires for sensors

Article Numbers
MKP 0906751     Trailer Parking Assistant 12/24V standard set with built-in sensors
MKP 0906753     Trailer Parking Assistant 12/24V set with substructure sensors

Product name: Truck parking sensor
Inner model: H128
Customer model name:TPA295
Version: A

  • Operating voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Normal working voltage range: 10V DC~32V DC
  • Operational current (24V): 30~250mA
  • Reversing light (white lamp and red lamp) keep bright
  • Yellow warning lamp: 2.5m~1.0m: Yellow warning lamps flash slowly
    Yellow warning lamp: 1.0~0.45m: Yellow warning lamps flash quickly
    Yellow warning lamp: <0.45m: Yellow warning lamps keep bright
  • Detection distance: 0.45m~2.5m (±0.05m)
  • Height of sensors: sensors and ground H=600mm
  • Sensitivity: PVC tube≥1.3m
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
  • Water proof: IP67

Basic condition
  • Testing standard: enterprise standard of Parking sensors
  • Testing condition: room temperature 25℃

Basic function and customer special request
  • Make sure each parts connect correctly, connect control unit, warning lamps, sensors (4pcs) together.
  • Power on, the system start to working. If nothing in detection area, reversing lamps (white and red lamps) keep bright, and the yellow lamps will not working; If put an obstacle in detection area, the yellow lamps should working.
  • Left channel (A sensors) testing: Obstacle from >2.5m into 2.5m-1.0m left channel testing area, the yellow warning lamps flash slowly: In 1.0m-0.45m testing area, yellow warning lamps flash quickly: in <0.45m, yellow warning lamps keep bright.
  • Same testing way for others channel like left channel testing (Do the testing for 4 sensors separately).
  • Sensors self-checking testing, warning details shown as below. Power on: if something unusual for sensors, the yellow warning lamps flash one time; if four sensors are normal, then the yellow warning lamps flash two times.
  • Whole testing: Put obstacle in each sensors channels separately, >2.5m: the yellow lamps will not working, in 2.5m-1.0m: the yellow lamps flash slowly; in 1.0m-0.45m, the yellow lamps flash quickly, <0.45: the yellow lamps keep bright; when the obstacle in different warning area, the yellow warning lamps will show the situation for the nearest obstacle.

When several obstacles in detection area, the yellow warning lamps will show the situation for the nearest obstacle.